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Defining Characteristics of Wicked Problems

I’m just wrapping up a course I’ve been teaching at DePaul’s School for New Learning on Understanding Organizational Change. I’ve grounded the course in a view of organizations as dynamic systems from the perspective of Jay Forrester, Donella Meadows, and Peter Senge. In the last few sessions, we’ve also been discussing the notion of Wicked […]

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The Joy of Stats available in its entirety

I’ve been a  fan of Hans Rosling since I saw his first TED video several years ago. Here’s a four-minute clip from a one hour documentary,The Joy of Stats , he did last year for the BBC.   Hans Rosling helps visualize economic development over the last 200 years You can now find the entire […]

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Bruce Schneier’s insights on tomorrow’s privacy environment

Bruce Schneier is one of those disciplined, articulate, thinkers you should be paying attention to if you want to navigate sensibly in today’s digital world. Here’s a brief example from a recent EastWest Institute Cybersecurity Summit. I’d also recommend his blog, Schneier on Security.

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Hans Rosling at TED India: making time visible

I’m turning into a bit of a Hans Rosling groupie, having blogged about several of his previous performances at TED conferences (Hans Rosling talk on world economic development myths and realities and More insights from Hans Rosling at TED 2007). Most recently, he presented at TED India. He’s a wonderful story teller and watching his […]

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Resources for organizations developing social media policies

While my own preference would be for a policy of "Don’t be stupid," that’s unrealistic for most organizations. I’ve recently been collecting examples of policies from various organizations. If you know of other examples, please let me know in the comments Online Database of Social Media Policies Here’s a site that has collected social media […]

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Webinar with Clay Shirky: Preview of FASTforward’09

Image via Wikipedia I’m looking forward to meeting and hearing Clay Shirky at the upcoming FASTforward ’09 conference, even if it is happening in Las Vegas. I’ll be attending in my role as one of the contributors to the the FASTforward blog. I’m being lazy and simply passing along the notice posted by Hylton Jolliffe […]


Technology Leaders Association presentation

I’m presenting today to the Technology Leaders Association meeting in Chicago on the topic of “Technology for Us.” I’ve uploaded my slides to Slideshare.   Technology for Us – Tech Leaders Association View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: knowledge-work socialmedia)   I’ve also tagged a number of links at delicious; both of sites […]


links for 2008-10-01

The Contribution Revolution: Letting Volunteers Build Your Business – An excellent executive introduction to the business implications of social media and user generated content by Scott Cook, CEO of Intuit. Nothing terribly new here if you’ve been paying attention to the social media environment at all. On the other hand it summarizes and packages the […]

Online Book Study Group Formed for Your Inner CEO

Earlier this year, I reviewed Your Inner CEO, by Allan Cox. In the course of that, I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Allan and getting to know him. I think it was Ross Mayfield of SocialText who introduced us. Allan is an existence proof that nice guys can be very successful. One of the […]

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Video: Twitter in Plain English

Once again Lee and Sachi LeFever have produced one of their excellent video introductions to new web technology. This time their topic is twitter. By the way, if you want to follow my updates on twitter, I’m @jmcgee. This 2.5 minute video is a result of feedback from our fans. We’ve received a number of […]