Hans Rosling at TED India: making time visible

I’m turning into a bit of a Hans Rosling groupie, having blogged about several of his previous performances at TED conferences (Hans Rosling talk on world economic development myths and realities and More insights from Hans Rosling at TED 2007). Most recently, he presented at TED India. He’s a wonderful story teller and watching his material is its own class in better story telling. Watching his videos is one of those great twofers you get from the best teachers – insights into both his material and his technique. Here he takes a look at what the deep data trends have to tell us about Asia’s economic future.

Hans Rosling: Asia’s Rise – How and When – TED India


A version of the tool that Rosling uses for his data analysis and display is available at Gapminder World.

2 thoughts on “Hans Rosling at TED India: making time visible”

  1. Hehe, Rosling never ceases to amaze me. And the really funny thing for me is that I was recruited and now work for an Indian company, and I have been blown away at the smarts I’ve met there, making me very humble indeed. However, I’ve also driven in Bangalore traffic, so I think we’re safe for a little while yet … 🙂

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