Technology Leaders Association presentation

I’m presenting today to the Technology Leaders Association meeting in Chicago on the topic of “Technology for Us.” I’ve uploaded my slides to Slideshare.



I’ve also tagged a number of links at delicious; both of sites we may check out and references to follow up materials. Those links can be found here.

links for 2008-10-01

  • The Contribution Revolution: Letting Volunteers Build Your Business – An excellent executive introduction to the business implications of social media and user generated content by Scott Cook, CEO of Intuit. Nothing terribly new here if you’ve been paying attention to the social media environment at all. On the other hand it summarizes and packages the concepts in a way that helps legitimize it in a C-level executive context
  • The Contribution Revolution / FrontPage – Scott Cook and Intuit have created a wiki to accompany Cook’s recent article about social media and user contributed content in the Harvard Business Review. It’s goal is to become another resource for making sense of this area.

  • Online Book Study Group Formed for Your Inner CEO

    Earlier this year, I reviewed Your Inner CEO, by Allan Cox. In the course of that, I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Allan and getting to know him. I think it was Ross Mayfield of SocialText who introduced us. Allan is an existence proof that nice guys can be very successful.

    One of the things I’ve been helping Allan with is understanding how new technology tools can help him get his ideas out there. One thing we’ve come up with is to make use of the great social media tools at Ning to support a community of those interested in the ideas in the book and in Allan’s work. To wit, here’s an announcement from Allan of an online book group for the book.


    Greetings, READERS!

    A few people in the Your Inner CEO Community (yes, there is one) have been lobbying for the launch of an online study group for the book itself: Your Inner CEO. In the beginning I wondered about the practicality and

    Video: Twitter in Plain English

    Once again Lee and Sachi LeFever have produced one of their excellent video introductions to new web technology. This time their topic is twitter. By the way, if you want to follow my updates on twitter, I’m @jmcgee.

    This 2.5 minute video is a result of feedback from our fans. We’ve received a number of requests from people who want their
    friends to use the micro-blogging service Twitter, but can’t seem to explain it well. We hope this video helps.

    If you’d like to follow us on Twitter, we’re @leelefever and

    ooVoo review courtesy of Scott Hanselman

    The wonders of Internet serendipity. Scott Hanselman provides an excellent review of ooVoo, the video chat software that Allan Cox will be using next week. (See my earlier post on that tonight.) My ooVoo name is “jimmcgee”

    ooVoo – Multi-person Video Chat comes to Windows

    I’m not sure of the relationship between ooVoo and the others, but I can tell you that ooVoo is like Skype PLUS multi-person chat. Wow. It’s fantastic. It’ll do 6 people. I tested it with four as you can see above. The video is better than the audio, but we had folks in 4 states (1 in Hawaii) so I’m not sure everyone had the best connection.

    A new thinker to become acquainted with and an invitation for next week

    If you’ve got 30 minutes next week and are interested in ways you might become more effective, consider this invitation. It’s a chance to participate in an intimate video conference/chat with Allan Cox. Allan is the author of eight books on management and leadership including his most recent effort, Your Inner CEO: Unleash the Executive Within. I’ll have a review of it here shortly, once I finish my second pass through it.

    I’ve had a chance to get to know Allan over the last several months, all courtesy of the interactions enabled by social media. Although Allan and I both live in the Chicago area, we were first introduced by Ross Mayfield of SocialText. (I’m still waiting to meet Ross face-to-face, even though we’ve been interacting virtually for several years.)

    Allan is an executive coach who works with senior level executives and boards to make organizations more human places. It’s been a real treat getting to know someone with such grounded insight into people and organizations. This is a chance for you to gain the benefit of his perspective for a little bit of your time. I’m signed up.

    So, Let’s Get Together . . .

    I d love an opportunity to chat with you. Yes, YOU. Face to face.

    I m participating in an event called “My ooVoo Day With…” in which you can sign up to video chat with me. During this time, we can talk about questions you might have about my book, about your career and leadership challenges, or anything you d like. If you don t have a webcam, don t worry you can be audio-only and still take part.

    There are only a limited number of seats I m doing 30-minute sessions on Feb. 11, 12, 13 and 14 so sign up now. Head over to to download the software and sign up. I look forward to seeing you online.

    All the best,


    So, Let’s Get Together . . .
    Allan Cox
    Fri, 08 Feb 2008 18:18:00 GMT

    Quick mindmapping survey from Chuck Frey

    Chuck Frey is running another of his periodic survey of mindmapping tools and features. If you’re a mindmapping fan, let Chuck know what you think.

    Mind mapping software: What’s hot, what’s not

    Honlogo It’s time to have a little fun. A popular website is, where visitors get to rate pictures of men and women on a scale of 1-10, corresponding to how “hot” or “not hot” they are. I’ve decided to adapt this idea to mind mapping software, to get a feel for what features and capabilities you think are “hot” and which ones are “not.”

    Please click here to participate in this fun survey.

    The results will be shared in this blog in a week or two. Have fun!


    Free Physics Textbook: Motion Mountain

    Courtesy of Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools blog. Someday, I’d love to get time to go back and learn the physics and math that I once knew.

    Motion Mountain
    Inspiring physics textbook

    This is not your father’s physics textbook. It is the self-published 1,500-page (!!), still-unfinished physics textbook written and designed by your polymath genius uncle who dwells on a mountain with the spirits of departed philosophers (whom he quotes, in German). It’s what a physics textbook would be like if a poet wrote it and made no mistakes. The book is massively visual. There is minimal math. It’s a textbook with soul.

    The guiding metaphor of Motion Mountain, and thus its name, is to frame physics as varieties of motion and change. When it gets to quantum mechanics it considers this in almost Taoist terms, as the “smallest change.”

    This textbook is a work of art. Unlike standard texts, it is an enthusiastically personal masterpiece, yet still has exercise problems for students to practice. It sprawls across topics you won’t find in any other physics textbook: semantics, lying, color theory, the physics of pleasure. In many ways it reminds me of Godel, Escher, Bach in its witty brilliance, stupendous range, and self-designed idiosyncrasies. Motion Mountain is an amazing portrait of the physical world as flux. It has the power to equip you with the intellectual tools to work with, and love, this flux. Studying it is an adventure in understanding.

    Best of all, it is a free PDF book. A PDF means that it is hyperlinked to footnotes and intensely cross-referenced. And it is easily searchable. Every student — anywhere — can download a copy.

    — KK

    Motion Mountain: An Adventure in Physics
    By Christoph Schiller
    2007, 1498 pages
    Available at Motion Mountain

    Cool Tool: Motion Mountain.

    The To-and-Fro over 2.0: It's Rematch Time!

    Well, Andy’s been sizing up his opponent for tomorrow’s rematch. I’ll do my best to keep it a clean match. That’s 11am Eastern Standard Time.

    Tom Davenport and I debated Enterprise 2.0 last June as part of the 2007 Enterprise 2.0 conference. And we re going to do it again this Friday at 11 am in a Webinar sponsored by the enterprise search company FAST (FAST maintains a great collection of E2.0 blogs, and I ll be speaking at the company s conference in Orlando in February). The debate will be moderated by Jim McGee, who s been thinking about the topics under discussion for a long time.

    In debates and his other writing on the subject Tom s been making three broad points: that Enterprise 2.0 is really not anything new, that it s not going to be successfully taken up by most companies, and that even when it is in place it s not going to make much of a difference in things that pragmatic business leaders care about. To which I reply well, tune in and see for yourself.

    The webinar is free to attend, but advance registration is required.

    I ve been obsessively watching the video of our previous encounter, and have noticed that Tom drops his left when he s getting ready to throw a hook, and that he doesn t move as well to his left. Come watch as I exploit these weaknesses.

    The To-and-Fro over 2.0: It’s Rematch Time!
    Thu, 10 Jan 2008 19:30:00 GMT