The Joy of Stats available in its entirety

I’ve been a  fan of Hans Rosling since I saw his first TED video several years ago. Here’s a four-minute clip from a one hour documentary,The Joy of Stats , he did last year for the BBC.


Hans Rosling helps visualize economic development over the last 200 years

You can now find the entire video from the BBC by way of Rosling’s Gapminder website. I certainly wish both Rosling and this technology had been available when I was doing my undergraduate degree in statistics. I did have the benefit of excellent teachers, although none quite as gifted as Rosling. As for what the technology makes possible in terms of both extracting and explaining the stories hidden in the data, it is well and truly a brave new world.

Visualization of US Airways 1549

Here’s a fascinating animation reconstructing the flight of US Airways 1549 and overlaying the conversations between air traffic controllers and the flight crew. it really brings home the extraordinary job the crew did. A testament to the value of experience and training in responding to a crisis.

(h/t to Chris Carfi at the Social Customer Manifesto for the pointer]