Rational ignorance

Rational ignorance.


Rational Ignorance

Academic life is ruining the internet for me. An example: Today I read Joi Ito s wandering entry on money, economics, and physics, and the first thing I thought of doing was to post a bibliography of all of the reading that should have been done before that post was made. And then I realized that posting such a bibliography is the equivalent of shouting at the television. It doesn t matter what I say about it. The TV (and the internet) can t really hear me.

Lago reacts to an interesting point that I in fact pondered yesterday before posting my thoughts from my lunch with Seth. Is it better for me to post my superficial musings with Seth in the one hour that I had before I needed to move on to the next thing, or do I scribble them in my notebook and write a more rigorous treatment with references. I decided, as Cory often says, that my blog is my notebook and that even though many of my thoughts were half-baked, it was better to write early/write often than to back burner the thoughts and probably never get around to posting them.


I don’t want to ignite a academic vs non-academic flame-war here. I’m just trying to point out, as Lago does, that we are all making decisions about how much to study in order for us to make the right decisions. I don’t have the time or the ability to do “all of the reading that should have been done before that post was made.” Having said that, I would encourage people to post “a bibliography of all of the reading” since I am interested and so are many other people.

By Joichi Ito joi_nospam_@nospam_ito.com. [Joi Ito’s Web]

Interesting ruminations from Joi Ito on how to strike a balance between getting something out the door and thinking some more about it.

I feel that I tend to err in the other direction of sitting on things too long instead of putting something out there, although the experience of weblogging over the past two years has helped immensely in moving toward Joi’s position. It’s something I find myself thinking about explicitly far more than I used to.