Wild Eastern Standard Tribe remixes

Wild Eastern Standard Tribe remixes. Trevor Smith has whipped up two amazing remixes of Eastern Standard Tribe, my new novel. The first is a “speed-reader,” based on the research of Xerox PARC researcher Rich Gold, which flashes the book, one word at a time, up on the screen, at a high rate of speed. It is astonishingly readable, and makes you feel like you’ve found a back-door to your brain’s comprehension nodes. The second is a “PurpleSlurped” version of the book, in which every paragraph is given its own link, so that one can easily refer to a specific passage of the text. Link (Thanks, Trevor!) [Boing Boing Blog]

Cory has put his newest book out there for all of us to play with. My old eyes will be reading the dead trees version I suspect, but I still appreciate having both the bits and the atoms available.