Tracing links to insight

An excellent example this morning of the wonderfully organic way that our evolving social and technological environment supports learning and sharing. I checked out Twitter this morning by way of TweetDeck and found this item from Liz Strauss:

LizTweet I trust Liz so I check out Saul Colt on Twitter and go from there to his blog where I discover this blog post:

Seriously…drop what you are doing and watch this….

it is that important!

I want to be Gary when I grow up!

The end result is that I get a good 15 minutes of insight into the changing nature of branding and brand building as affected by the landscape of social media. I also get some new sources of potential future insight and reinforcement of the quality of Liz’s insight and advice. Repeat this cycle regularly and you build up both a coherent picture of what is going on now and a perspective network that you can use to continue to monitor changes as they unfold. An excellent return on a few moments of my time and attention. Add a few more minutes to compose this post and you’ll benefit as well.