Web Design Tool: Denim Site Sketching

This looks like an interesting design tool to check out. I’m particularly intrigued with tools that emphasize the iterative and provisional nature of design. I think that too many of today’s automated design tools convey a false sense of completeness by creating outputs that look too polished. I will be downloading this and experimenting with it shortly.

Web Design Tool: Denim Site Sketching

When you are making websites, inevitably some form of sketching will be done to rough out it’s design and interactivity.

Whether you’re the web designer or someone trying to communicate your ideas to a web designer, this little piece of software, called Denim, will come in handy.

What Denim does is allow you to create a mock website, with linking pages, just from your rough sketches. Obviously, this will work particularly well with a tablet interface.

Web Design Tool: Denim Site Sketching

Supports Windows, Mac and Unix.

Denim by the University Of Washington

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