The Enterprise 2.0 RAVE goes virtual!

I won’t be traveling to NYC for the Enterprise 2.0 RAVE after all. They’ve decided to go virtual instead.

The Enterprise 2.0 RAVE goes virtual!
Date May 8, 2007

The Enterprise 2.0 RAVE, which was originally planned as a physical event to take place in NYC has gone virtual and will now consist of a series of web based roundtable discussions.

The primary reasons for the switch were a low number of attendee pre-registrations and a high number of people who wanted to participate but could not travel for various reasons. We hope that the level of interest in the Enterprise 2.0 RAVE is in no way a reflection of the state of the market but rather the result of an unusual set of unintended consequences. That being said, we would very much appreciate your feedback on the state of the market by completing our Enterprise 2.0 market readiness survey.

The Enterprise 2.0 RAVE web site has been updated to reflect all the changes. For any questions, please email info [AT] enterprise2rave [DOT] com. We hope to see you online on May 21-22.

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