What is GTD?

At the odd intersection of a powerful and popular idea, the blogosphere, and today’s intellectual property environment, David Allen is now offering a “official” definition of his Getting Things Done approach. I understand what drives him to follow this approach, regret it as a symptom of an IP-environment losing connection with reality, and still endorse Allen’s GTD-approach as among the best approaches to dealing with the complexities of acting in today’s world of knowledge work.

I also think David is himself one of the better examples of why truly good thinking and thinkers will survive in this environment. For all the power of David’s thinking and his books (Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything), you will still learn more if you can get yourself to one of his seminars and workshops.

What, indeed, is “GTD”. Because of seemingly ever-expanding number of GTD-related discussions, ads and blogs, I wrote up an “official” definition of “GTD.” I am asking that if any of you are using “GTD” in any way in your materials you include a link… [David Allen]