Social Tools – Ripples to Waves of the Future.

Shortly after last December’s tsunami, Dina Mehta and a group of fellow bloggers began what started as a blog (The South East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog), grew into a wiki, and became an important experiment and case example of the power of new technologies to support and amplify bottoms-up organizational invention. She’s now written up her analysis and report on that effort from the inside. It’s long, but, as an ethnographer, Dina has created an important story about realizing the potential of these new tools when used in the right ways with the right energy. Lots there for all of us to learn from. Thank you Dina!

Social Tools – Ripples to Waves of the Future.I’ve been meaning to share in detail my tsunamihelp story and experiences – and I got the opportunity to pen my thoughts and reflections when David Gurteen asked me for an article for the Global Knowledge Review. This is the full text of the article – its fairly long by ‘blog’ standards, but it needs to be shared in its entirety :).