Dave turns 50

Dave’s turning 50 tomorrow. Since I celebrated 52 yesterday, let me offer my best wishes and let you know that it keeps getting better.

I started this blog courtesy of his software innovations and his example. I been using his innovations from nearly the beginnings of the PC revolution. ThinkTank helped me through many a consulting engagement and I remain a huge fan of good outlining software.

So, Dave, kick back for the day. Celebrate your successes. Illegitimi Non Carborundum. Then get back to innovating so the rest of us can make some progress attacking the problems of our choice.

If you want to wish me a happy birthday, first, let me say, thank you, mazel tov, a blessing back at ya, namaste and let’s have fun. I have one request, which I get to make because it’ll be my birthday tomorrow, and I’m getting in practice for one day of pure selfishness. Instead of sending an email, if you have a blog, how about posting your wishes on your blog with a link to mine? I could always use some more flow, and I’d love to climb a few notches on the Technorati list, truth be told. “;->”

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