Red Couch interview with Buzz Bruggeman

Shel does a fun interview with Buzz over at the Red Couch. As I read through it, it occurs to me that there is one more reason to become an ActiveWords user
buried in that interview. Sure, ActiveWords helps me be more productive
at my keyboard. But better yet, if you download ActiveWords and start
using it, chances are you will hear from Buzz shortly after. If you
blog about the experience, it's a virtual certainty.

Now, having a connection with Buzz is almost certain to lead to your
getting to know and meet lots of new and interesting people. But put a
little time and effort in from your side and you will get know Buzz
himself. And that's going to make your life more interesting. Pretty
good return on your investment, whatever currency you use to do your
calculations in.

Interview: Buzz Bruggeman.
Every industry has them and you probably know a few in your sector.
They are professional connectors, people who know everyone in their
industry and seem to have their hand on the pulse of what’s
happening. They help people find… [The Red Couch]