Hold on to your sense of humor

What worries me more than anything else about today's public environment is the loss of any sense
of humor by the powers that be. Granted, the powers that be are, by
definition, likely to be humor challenged. But humor and the ability to
laugh at oneself is essential to flexibility and adaptability. More
than anything else, isn't that what we're likely to be most in need of
in today's world?

Oh my, that's good.

The morons at the Tribune and three other papers banned this comic. Not only is it hysterical, it's accurate (and we all know it).

It's also now being viewed by my
10,000 daily readers. Please post the comic on your blog so your
readers can help counteract this obvious political censorship.

-Russ By weblog@russellbeattie.com. [Russell Beattie Notebook]