Going Home – Our Reformation

This should certainly be on your short list.

It does provide much on the vision of what might be coming to pass. It
certainly represents much of what I would like to see come to pass and
what I think might be possible to bring into being. It won't, however,
come about simply because we would like it to or simply because we have
new enabling tools or concepts. It is going to take work and that work
will take place against the active and well-resourced resistance of
many who benefit from the status quo and are sorely threatened by these
visions of what might be.

Going Home – Our Reformation. If you read one thing this week, read this. One
commentator described it as “brilliant… and
beautiful… and inspiring.” It is all of that, and
more. It is a vision I support and that I and many other
people I cite in this newsletter are working toward. The
theme of coming home will likely
resonate in my work for a long time.

Robert Paterson writes, “Is not our great
problem that the great institutions of our time,
government, healthcare, education, arts and entertainment,
even business, no longer serve us but only

“Is not their organizational doctrine based
on a dogma of control? Have they not divorced their
world-view from observable reality? Is not this split from
the laws of nature their dogma? Are they not prepared to
fight to the death to preserve this dogma? Do we not see
the entertainment industry as an Inquisition? Do we not see
the IP industry as the agent of the controllers and not of
the creative?

“Is not the new 'big idea' of our time to
disintermediate the institutional middleman and to enable
direct relationships? Are supermarkets eternal? Do we need
factory universities to learn? Is our health dependent on a
doctor? Is the news what we see on TV?”

Brave, brilliant, breathless stuff. If you miss
this article, you are mising the essence
of what this whole thing is about. By Robert Paterson,
Robert Paterson's Weblog, February 26, 2005
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