Tuning in to the whispers

Another little gem from Jack Vinson.

Apropos of this thought is the item next to it in my aggregator from Evelyn Rodriguez, A Loud Voice Cannot Compete With a Clear Voice. In addition to both of these being excellent food for thought, they also illustrate the notion that RSS plus newsreaders like Radio are your window into a distributed network of intelligent agents all applying their idiosyncratic eyes and minds toward filtering useful information in your direction.

Data, Information, Clarity?

While listening to WBEZ, the Chicago NPR affiliate, begin their non-pledge-drive-pledge-drive, I was surprised to hear a new version of the data-information-knowledge discussion. It went something like this:

It’s about clarity. You are overwhelmed with data from 24-hour news networks and the internet, but there is too much. At WBEZ, we analyze all this information to bring you clarity about the news of the world.

And they aren’t too far off. Clarity is one of those components of knowledge that makes knowledge so difficult to quantify. Other components include context, understanding, attention (thanks Tom Davenport), history… Interesting.

jackvinson (jackvinson@jackvinson.com) [Knowledge Jolt with Jack]