Wil Wheaton goes all the way

Another convert to full text feeds. Perfect timing from my perspective as I’ve just started following Wil’s site. I’ve also just started reading Just a Geek, which looks like it will be fun

full text rules!.

After several conversations at Gnomedex with geeks who are better at being geeks than I am, I’ve decided to put the full text of all my posts into my XML feed from now on.

I guess I hadn’t done this in the past because I wanted people to actually visit my site, but I don’t care about traffic any more. Now I just want people to enjoy what I write, in whatever format they prefer, including offline newsreaders.

In a related story, thanks for all the advice about newsreaders. I’ve been fooling around with Sage for the last few hours . . . the “discover feeds” thing is a killer app, man.

[WIL WHEATON dot NET: Where is my mind?]