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Thank you Judith for the reminder and pointer to an excellent resource. If we’re going to be serious about doing knowledge management in whatever flavor we happen to believe in (personal, corporate, or otherwise), then we need to stay grounded in the work that has come before us.

I’m reminded of an old software engineering quote that I can’t track down this minute since I’m blogging this on the train. I do remember that it was in the Proceedings of the 1968 NATO conference on software engineering, which shows you the kind of useless stuff that clutters up my head. Anyway, the quote was something along the following lines:

“Unlike Einstein, who observed that if he had seen farther than others it was because he had stood on the shoulders of giants, in the field of software engineering, we have mostly been standing on each other’s feet.”

Something to keep in mind if we hope to make some progress in a world far more complicated than the one that existed in Einstein’s day, or even in 1968.

sveiby knowledge management….

Old news to many but quite possibly new news to some–here is a link for your KM Library.

Karl Erik Sveiby–the principal of a global network of consultants, and a professor in Knowledge Management at the Swedish Business School Hanken in Helsinki–very generously supplies an online library of his earlier works, many of which are out of print.

This library also contains some of his favorite articles by other authors.

Check out the 90+ well-organized links available in his Sveiby Knowledge Management library.

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