Dvorak on disruptive technology

John Dvorak has just discovered Clay Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma and figures it’s a good excuse for a rant. Like many who’ve used it as a launching pad for their own purposes, there isn’t a lot of evidence that Dvorak has bothered to read the book. Here’s Dvorak’s conclusion:

The concept of disruptive technology is not the only daft idea floating around to be lapped up obediently by the business community. There are others. But the way these dingbat bromides go unchallenged makes you wonder whether anyone can think independently anymore

Including Dvorak I suppose.

But then he isn’t really interested in advancing the dialog, just in getting us to read and link to his columns. Traditional media at its best.

I still think the Innovator’s Dilemma and its companion The Innovator’s Solution are easily among the best business books written in the past 10 years. But you do have to read them and then think about what they say. Sorry about that.

The Myth of Disruptive Technology. People love a good, unified explanation for the ways things are. [PC Magazine: the Official John C. Dvorak RSS Feed]