Welcome, Nancy!

Welcome, indeed. Nancy and I started talking about getting her up and blogging over a year ago. I’d like to think the delay was a function of other things on her plate, rather than testimony to my persuasive skills. Regardless, it’s nice to have her here finally.

Welcome, Nancy!. Woo-friggin-hoo! Long-time online facilitation expert Nancy White has finally started her own weblog (did she hear my plea?). The online community toolkit that she s been building for years is chock-full of great material, which I suppose she ll do us the pleasure of introducing bit by bit.

A recent post reports on an experiment I d been meaning to try but had yet to find the right conditions for: having group of chat participants listen the same music while chatting – much as would happen at a party – as a means of creating a shared atmosphere and giving participants a better sense of togetherness. Apparently it turned out very well I ll really have to try it. Webjay could make it quite easy.

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