Personal knowledge management in KM Magazine

I’m convinced that Lilia never sleeps. She had this posted within minutes of the material being available and there’s no way I can possible keep up with the wealth of great material she’s been posting lately.

Anyway, this was a fun exercise and the result contains some useful nuggest and insights. Now that it’s out, I’ll try to dig up some of my original responses to Sandra’s interview questions and post them. I realize that making this promise now sets a clock running that will demonstrate the continuing deficiencies in my own personal knowledge management processes and strategies.

Personal knowledge management in KM Magazine.

Just to let you know – April issue of KM Magazine features personal knowledge management. While most articles are subscribers only, this one you can check for free – Your say: Personal knowledge management by Sandra Higgison with contributions of Mick Cope, Tom Davenport, Jim McGee, David Skyrme and me (delighted to be in such a great company 🙂

While it may be not much new in this article for KM bloggers it is a good sign that personal KM is getting mainstream. And of course I’m very proud :)))