Michael Porter on Charlie Rose

Added to my TIVO to do list for Monday night. A great opportunity to see a first-rate thinker at work.

Way back when I was getting my MBA, Porter’s strategy course was the second year elective of choice. This was when Competitive Strategy was being written. Those of us fortunate enough to get into the class got to read it a chapter at a time. I was also fortunate enough to do a field study with a team of fellow second years under his supervision.

I learned a ton during those two courses. My fundamental reservation about Porter’s approach to strategy is that it is too focused on static equilibrium and doesn’t pay enough attention to technology innovation. Mix in Clay Christensen’s work on innovation however, and you have a powerful set of lenses to apply.

Michael Porter on Charlie Rose. Michael Porter on Charlie Rose — Missed it Friday night, but Harvard Professor and strategic management thinker and author Michael Porter was apparently a full-hour guest on Charlie Rose on PBS. By Porter:

Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Amalyzing Industries and Competitors
Competitive Advantage : Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance
Michael Porter on Competition

Fortunately, in New York, the show is repeated the next day (Monday May 3 in this case) at 1:30 PM. I’m setting my DVR for it. You might want to check your “local listings.” [Frank Patrick’s Focused Performance Blog]