Dan Bricklin on Clayton Christensen

Clayton Christensen at MIMC. I attended another of MIMC’s Fireside Chats last week. This one was to hear an interview with Clayton Christensen. He’s famous for writing The Innovator’s Dilemma, and is now promoting his new book, The Innovator’s Solution, which I reviewed here on this weblog last October. Great meeting. I’ve written up my notes and added a few pictures. Clayton comments on things from drug research to low-cost airlines to Open Source. [Dan Bricklin’s Log]

Dan Bricklin provides a very meaty summary of Clay Christensen speaking about innovation and strategy during this fireside chat. Helps provide additional insight into Christensen’s books (I just did a review of Innovator’s Solution a few days back). Dan also points to a Fast Company article on Clay’s work from last November, “The Industrialized Revolution.” If you want to understand technology driven strategy you have to spend time understanding what Christensen is saying.