Feedster – Don't Blog Without it!.

Feedster – Don't Blog Without it!.

For those of us that can't afford John Peterson's LISA solution then implement this! For your own name, for the name of your blog, for all the things you search for each day.

The FuzzyBlog

If you have some topic you follow–if you want your newsreader to keep “pumping” it right to your desk–just do one search for it at Feedster.com. Then, get the rss url of the search itself to transfer into your own newsreader. Awesome. Feedster search rss urls are indicated with these icons:
— Gives you the full post
— Gives you the summary and headlines
You don't have to run that search ever again–because your aggregator will do it for you, automatically, and for free.

[Unbound Spiral]

Clearly time to start thinking about how to take more systematic advantage of Feedster.