Ed Taekema – Road Warrior Collaboration

Cooperation and evolution.

Here is a golden quote from Howard Rheingold:

When Cooperation Breaks Out, Civilizations Advance

As a mobile technology professional (ok an on the road every day of the working week consultant) cooperation with my peers is extremely difficult and yet when it happens the rewards are great. I believe that the impact that community or collaborative tools can have on mobile professionals is even greater than on people who have opportunities to interact face to face on a regular basis. This is kind of like an un-tapped market for collaboration …

[Ed Taekema – Road Warrior Collaboration]

Really just wanted to point to Ed Taekema’s relatively new blog, Road Warrior Collaboration (RSS Feed), about his experiences trying to do effective knowledge work as a road warrior. I spend way too much time on the road myself and I’ve found that most software tools don’t really deal well with the problems of mobile professionals, no matter what the marketing claims of vendors may be. Ed’s blog provides some helpful perspective.