Technology Review weblog

Technology Review launches weblog.

The folks at MIT Technology Review (to which I subscribe) have started a weblog, including posts from folks like Simson Garfinkel, who I've been reading for a long time (if you've never owned Simson's PGP book from O'Reilly, where have you been?)   In one of the first posts, Simson notes my recent switch to Mac OS X, writing: “The Mac is offering a really interesting niche to the technological elite.”  I actually just installed X11 on my Mac this weekend.  For fun.

My only polite request to the Technology Review folks would be to add an RSS feed and permalinks to the individual posts, but having tangled with content management systems too many times, I'm not going to get too preachy on how easy that might be, because maybe it isn't.

[Chad Dickerson]

Technology Review is one of the few print sources I both subscribe to and read regularly. A weblog from them should be well worth following. Let's hope the RSS feed follows soon.