Skype – trying to get past the corporate firewall

Skype: joined the club.

Just to let you know – I installed Skype. Talked to Dina, Phil and Ton. Loved it.

I have no idea how to write CALL tag properly, so you have to look for me under mathemagenic.

Thanks to Dina, I know it now – <A href=”callto://mathemagenic/”>Call me on Skype (please, make sure that I recognise your name or you have a nice autorisation message – I tend to decline calls from people I don’t know 🙂


I want to join the club but our corporate firewall appears to be too locked down. Skype locks up on me when I launch it at work. Not sure that being able to use it from home or the road will be enough to justify it. Time to go chat with the folks in IT again.

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