Compatibility of Weblogs and ISSN

Compatibility of Weblogs and ISSN. This article, written for ISSN registrars, offers a fascinating glimpse into the issues faced by librarians with respect to understanding – and reacting to – the weblog phenomenon. ISSN is, of course, the unique number assigned to a serial publication. Weblogs are classically serial publications, and therefore, should be registered. But traditional authorities view weblogs with scepticism. I have tried to register OLDaily with an ISSN, but have had no success. But given especially that OLDaily is my primary point of publication (and that its archives, though complete, may be lost to the library community) this failure to register my weblog’s existence is a bit of a concern to me. If you work in libraries or serial registration, please read this article. By Joe Clark, September 24, 2003 [Refer][Research][Reflect] [OLDaily]

I’ve looked into ISSN a couple of times and retreated from the bureaucratic complexities coupled with technological ignorance I’ve sensed. Perhaps this will help.