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Problem-findng on the Path from Invention to Adoption

The intersection of two key dimensions of how we think offers an interesting insight into the path from new idea to successful innovation. Alan Kay discusses them in a talk he gave last year at Demo 2014 called “The Future Doesn’t Have to Be Incremental.” It’s an excellent use of your time, if you’re prepared […]

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Focusing on mission – why asking why is where to start

Morry Fiddler is a friend and one of my personal trusted advisors. During one of our recent breakfasts, he recommended the following TED talk by Simon Sinek on how leaders inspire action.   Since then, I’ve found myself weaving Sinek’s thinking into my own work and recommending it to others. I also made a point […]

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Two explanations for the near collapse of the financial system

The earliest blog posts were essentially pointers to ‘good stuff’ out there.  Here’s such a pointer from last fall from my former partners and still good friends Paul Carroll and Chunka Mui. They’ve found two very worthwhile reads that I otherwise would have missed. Following up on yesterday’s post about John Cassidy’s New Yorker article, […]


The Mantra of Entrenched Industries

An interesting thought to start the day. The Mantra of Entrenched Industries By Tim O’Reilly CJ Rayhill, our CIO, and the organizer of O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference, passed on a fabulous quote from Robertson Davies that aptly captures the hopes of entrenched industries: “The world is full of people whose notion of […]

New business models on Amazon’s infrastructure

I’d have to agree with Virginia Postrel here. The article is a very succinct and thought-provoking summary of Amazon’s plans to make elements of its technology and distribution infrastructure more generally available. Amazon’s plans strike me very much as an example of the real time lags we need to account for when trying to understand […]

Go to the head of the distribution by explaining the tail

The Long Tail : Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More Rating: 5 out of 5 Author: Chris Anderson Year: 2006 Publisher: Hyperion ISBN: 1401302378 The book length version of The Long Tail has now been published. Based on Chris Anderson’s seminal Wired article, the book expands and elaborates on the article’s […]

A compelling argument for organic business growth

Let My People Go Surfing : The Education of a Reluctant Businessman Rating: 4 out of 5 Author: Yvon Chouinard Year: 2005 Publisher: Penguin Press HC, The ISBN: 1594200726 I got this book as a Christmas present from my brother-in-law. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise and that would have been unfortunate because […]

Deep thinking on strategy and talent on the football fields of Texas Tech

[Cross posted at Future Tense] Dave Winer may work best with a river of news approach to RSS feeds, but I seem to fall more into the “compost heap of knowledge” school. I finally got around to an item from Tom Peters’ blog from earlier this month, which pointed at a Sunday New York Times […]

Paul Saffo on rules for forecasting

[Cross posted at Future Tense] “Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.” Paul Saffo Last month I had an opportunity to listen to Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future speak at the CIO Magazine CIO|06 The Year Ahead conference in Phoenix. I was there as part of CIO’s Enterprise Value Award […]

Thinkers you should know – David Reed

(cross posted at Future Tense) One of the most profoundly important (and disturbing) things about the Internet is that fundamentally no one is in charge. One of the individuals responsible for that design is David Reed, a computer scientist from MIT. As far back as Jethro and Moses in Exodus, we’ve applied hierarchy to bring […]