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Two spaces or one; change and persistence

I learned to type before I learned to drive; now nearly 50 years ago. I was taught that you put two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. Eventually, I left typewriters behind and began to write with text editors and word processors. I learned a little bit about proportional fonts and […]

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The importance of forgetting to creativity and innovation

Science fiction author Spider Robinson won the 1983 Hugo Award for Best Short Story with Melancholy Elephants. It’s a prescient take on an essential tension between creativity and commerce. Still worth reading. More worth contemplating. Robinson explores where the boundaries of creativity might lie and what those boundaries might imply. There are tradeoffs to be […]

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Saving Lives with Systems Thinking – Atul Gawande and the 2014 Reith Lectures

A three-year old drowning victim is alive and thriving today because someone in Switzerland cares about systems. Atul Gawande, surgeon, polymath, and author of The Checklist Manifesto, recounts the tale as the second of four BBC 2014 Reith Lectures on the future of medicine. The podcast of “The Century of the System” is well worth 40 […]

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What’s on your must see list of social media for digital immigrants?

I’m giving a talk next week to the North Shore Interest Group of the Harvard Business School Club of Chicago. The announcement is below. We’ll have Internet access and about 45 minutes. What would be on your list of must see items? Must know stories? Most useful perspectives? The comments are open for your input. Or […]

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Enormously moving speech on the way the Internet transforms lives Boing Boing

This has been lurking in my “to read/view” pile for months. The title from the original Boing Boing post sums it up quite nicely. It shows what is possible. Our challenge is to make it more common. The best 15 minutes I’ve spent in a long time. Enormously moving speech on the way the Internet […]

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Interesting infographic on state of the Internet circa 2011

I’m taking some time this Labor Day to attack a host of backlogs, including things in my RSS stream that are worth sharing. Here’s a link to an infographic created and shared by Online Schools. (who knows where this graphic has gone – linkrot will continue)


The Joy of Stats available in its entirety

I’ve been a  fan of Hans Rosling since I saw his first TED video several years ago. Here’s a four-minute clip from a one hour documentary,The Joy of Stats , he did last year for the BBC.   Hans Rosling helps visualize economic development over the last 200 years You can now find the entire […]

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Collaboration, games, and the real world

I’ve been thinking a lot about hard problems that need multiple people collaborating to solve. There’s no shortage of them to choose from. This TED video from Jane McGonigal makes a persuasive case that I need to invest some more time looking at the world of online gaming for insight. Watch the video  and see […]

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Bruce Schneier’s insights on tomorrow’s privacy environment

Bruce Schneier is one of those disciplined, articulate, thinkers you should be paying attention to if you want to navigate sensibly in today’s digital world. Here’s a brief example from a recent EastWest Institute Cybersecurity Summit. I’d also recommend his blog, Schneier on Security.

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"The conference call"

I have so been on this call. Thank you Jessica for sharing it. Thanks to Richard Dale, Dave Grady "from the annual Citizens Bank Employee Talent Show." Have you been on this call? "The conference call" Jessica Lipnack Fri, 20 Aug 2010 21:00:48 GMT