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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

Review of Tom Davenport’s "Competing on Analytics"

Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, Davenport, Thomas H. and Jeanne G. Harris   Tom Davenport has turned his attention of late to the prospects for business intelligence and information analytics. Competing on Analytics offers a managerial introduction to the topic. It emphasizes why organizations ought to be interested in the topic, what […]

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About McGee’s Musings

Welcome to those of you visiting courtesy of Liz Strauss. This place started as an experiment while I was teaching courses in IT and Knowledge Management at Northwestern

Christopher Alexander’s take on the essence of expertise

One of the many lovely things about blogging is the way that people redirect your attention to things you

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Attitude, hypothesis, experiment, and evidence

Doing science is fundamentally a state of mind more than any particular set of tools or any particular domain of knowledge. How do you know when you’re doing science wrong? Easy: Read the comments on this post…   More in the same vein from xkcd. Fostering these attitudes is increasingly relevant in organizational settings. We’re […]