3 thoughts on “About McGee’s Musings”

  1. Just stopping by from Liz Strauss’s Blog Show. Liz is great, isn’t she?

    I read your post about curiosity. I think the carefree playfulness of childhood and curiosity often get nixed in adulthood. Bloggers do seem to be bringing this back though!

  2. I think you’re right. The next step is to help those who’ve lost that playfulness to find it again and join us blogging.

  3. I am very please to blog at your website. You mention technology, new teacher methods, and innovative ideas for teachers and all educators. I took some courses from Knowledge Delivery System; I found them at http://www.kdsi.org and I loved them. they were so educational, all I did was turn on the computer and listen to sessions from known instructors in the field. There were questions to answer; submit and earn ceu’s or graduate credits.

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