Cast a vote and give me a reason to visit Boston in June

Keri Pearlson, a long time friend and colleague, and I have proposed a session for the Enterprise 2.0 conference scheduled for this June in Boston. Your votes could help determine whether our session makes the cut. We’d both greatly appreciate it if you’d go take a look at our pitch and give it a thumbs up.

Here’s the link where you can vote: Enterprise 2.0: Can IT Lead the Social Business Strategy Formulation Process? 


One thought on “Cast a vote and give me a reason to visit Boston in June”

  1. This approach makes great sense to me. I am not an IT specialist, far from it. However, Yet there needs to be a single strategy that would then become the guideline for all internal and external communication strategies. Without that focus organizations are at risk of sending many different messgaes whic can obviously be very counterproductive.

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