Why do we continue to tolerate DRM?

The great folks at xkcd sharply summarize the fundamental problem with DRM (digital restrictions management in my view). I continue to be bewildered by the disconnects between the current legal environment, technological reality, and the pragmatic reality of making actual use of digital content.

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I spent more time trying to get an audible.com audio book playing than it took to listen to the book.  I have lost every other piece of DRM-locked music I have paid for.

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Mon, 13 Oct 2008 04:00:00 GMT

2 thoughts on “Why do we continue to tolerate DRM?”

  1. Yes I agree.

    But iTunes != DRM by default. Of course there is iTunes Plus. Of course there is the letter from Mr. Jobs w/re to DRM. Of course there is the fact that some record labels granted Amazon non-DRM rights exclusive to iTunes.

    Demand non-DRM files not from Apple, they aren’t the problem point.
    Demand non-DRM files from the record labels and publishing houses.

  2. Apple is certainly less of a culprit than the labels. At some level, i believe that the underlying problem is that most consumers don’t understand DRM well enough to see why it is a problem and the labels rely on that general level of ignorance. Not sure how we solve that problem though.

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