Congratulations to Jack Vinson

One of the unexpected rewards of blogging is watching those that you’ve influenced in some way going off and succeeding in their own unique way. If for some odd reason you are not already following Jack’s work, you should correct that mistake immediately.

Blogging for five years

I have been blogging for five years now.  Amazing.  My focus has always been around knowledge management, but the specifics and surrounding topics have wandered over the years. 

Thanks to all my commenters and readers.  And a special thanks (again) to Jim McGee who told me, “You should really start your own blog” because I was leaving so many comments on his.  (So many, in fact, that I still get spam that thinks I have something to do with the ownership of his website.)


  • 1860 entries (this is number 1861)
  • ~1900 readers via FeedBurner
  • 1415 comments (many from myself)
  • 419 trackbacks (many from myself)
  • 28 categories with anywhere from 6 to 616 entries
  • 1753 tags (and not all entries are tagged)

Blogging for five years
Jack Vinson
Sun, 18 May 2008 20:06:58 GMT

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