7 thoughts on “Email vs. Wiki: Picture = 1000 words department”

  1. Funny how hard it is to introduce anything that would replace e-mails into a company.
    Wiki, blog, CMS, you name it.

    I think one think should be put on the pictures: company resistance.
    “If it’s not in a folder, it’s not safe”

    It’s sad, but true.

  2. In your above pic, how do the users learn about the wiki, magically?

    Probably, they learn about it by an email giving them the URL.

  3. Sure. Email is an excellent tool for communicating something like the URL to a wiki.

    Email is still a lousy tool for coordinating the development of a shared document.

    I also think the quest for a single tool “to rule them all” is as useless on my computer as it is in my workshop.

  4. I like the comparison, but I think it really only applies to a company which is not properly using their document management system. An ECM with a proper workflow module even allows for collaborators outside the system, such as vendors or clients, to build a strong document through an accurate and secure process.

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