PopTech 2007 in Maine and on the Web

One of these years I am going to make it to PopTech with Buzz. He’s been twisting my arm for as long as I’ve known him to do so. Hasn’t meshed with my schedule yet.

Live from Pop!Tech 2007

 It is like Christmas Eve here in Camden, Me. Just came back from an afternoon session on Mobile Technology, cold beers with great friends, the opening party for Pop!Tech.

This is the best thing I do on an annual basis. The quality of the ideas and people is over the top. Hard to know where to begin.

One of today’s ideas was that cell phones “are the dominant computing platform on every continent.”

Another idea was that Nokia was working on a technology where in cell phones could be web servers. Wild!

I have pages of notes, more to come tomorrow, and now am headed to bed, too late on the left coast!

 In the meantime, the folks at PopTech have announced that:

we will be webcasting the entire Pop!Tech conference – for free – at http://www.poptech.org/live between 9am and 6.30pm, October 18-20, 2007. Viewers can even submit questions to our stage live by emailing questions@poptech.org. The 2007 Pop!Tech program is online at http://www.poptech.org/schedule and speakers are at http://www.poptech.org/speakers2007/

Pop!Tech is a nonprofit, with the mission is to accelerate the impact of world-changing people and ideas. We’ve invested *heavily* to give our content away to the world for free, and if have a blog and you felt so moved, we would really appreciate a post to help us spread the word!


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