Blogrolls matter – do you want one here?

Like Rick, I haven’t published a blogroll here for quite some time. Since I do 95% of my own blog reading inside FeedDemon, I don’t pay much attention to them myself. I’m curious as to who might want to see a blogroll here. It would have to be a subset of the 300+ feeds I am currently monitoring. Let me know in the comments.

Blogrolls matter

I haven’t had a blogroll on my site in years. Turns out that’s a mistake. I’ll be working on remedying that in the next few days…

One thought on “Blogrolls matter – do you want one here?”

  1. It’s funny… I’m starting to get a clearer sense of the fact that though my content is produced once, I have two very, very distinct audiences: those who read my posts in their readers (there are just over 1,000 of them) and those who find my site through searches each day – 90% of my site visitors come from search, and are nearly all ‘new’ visitors.

    So I have this one set of people who are very familiar with me and my writing, and another group who don’t know me from Adam, and who show up without any context for where I’m coming from. Including a prominent “about” snippet in the sidebar, along with other stuff they might be interested in (my Google Reader shared links, along with a blogroll) seemed a good way to cater to those drive-by visitors… and if it serves another purpose (i.e., ranking/relevance for Google Blogsearch), then all the better.

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