Ready for an Enterprise 2.0 Rave?

Francois called me earlier this week and persuaded me (it wasn’t hard) to join him as one of the facilitators/participants at this upcoming session in New York in May. He’s getting a really interesting collection of people together and committed to a format that should tap into everyone’s insights and experience. If you use the link below to register you can get a $250 discount on registration.

Ready for an Enterprise 2.0 Rave?


Here is another cool project I am working on – organizing an Enterprise 2.0 RAVE in NYC on May21-22 with the great team at Longworth Venture Partners .

If you are a practitioner looking at deploying web 2.0 tools in your enterprise or actively strugling with pilot projects to try to do that, you should not miss this event. And if you do plan on going, use the link below to get a $250 discount for the RAVE. Seating will be limited and we already have two registrants!

The paint is still wet, so if something does not work correctly let us know.

See you there.

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