Web 2.0 Mindmap from Ed Yourdon

Ed Yourdon has been periodically sharing a mindmap he has been maintaining on Web 2.0 technologies, players, and issues. Worth some time to see how he’s organizing and thinking about the data out there. Ed’s blog, The Yourdon Report, is also worth paying attention to if you are interested in technology inside organizations.

Web 2.0 mind-map, version 032

I’m in Rome this week to present a seminar on Web 2.0, and it has given me the opportunity to make some additions and corrections to my mind-map. A new version, v032, is available from the “downloads” section of my website; alternatively, you can download the 8.92-megabyte PDF document by clicking here.

I don’t have time to provide a detailed list of the individual changes and additions; however, they are all marked in red text, so they’ll be easy for you to spot.

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  1. Hil,

    I suggest using WiseMapping to share your Web 2.0 mindmap. It’s free and you will be able to embed your maps in a similar way that Youtube do.


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