Flight tracking with Flightstats

I neglected to mention this when Buzz first pointed to it, although I did start using it. I’ve tried many of the flight tracking sites and Flightstats does appear to be more useful. Check it out. And thank you to both Buzz and Scoble.

Flight tracking

We’re about to hop on yet another plane, this time from Seattle to San Jose. One problem is that the flight trackers that Google points to generally suck. Buzz was raving about a new flight tracker he found, Flightstats, which is much better. Our plane is running late, which is why I wanted to track the flight.

3 thoughts on “Flight tracking with Flightstats”

  1. At my office we get http://www.skylounge.com for free to track flights which are sent to my mobile in Europe. Many times I add arrival notification too. It’s really geared toward business travelers. The nice thing is that you can copy in your assistant or travel agent. If you’re in the air and will miss the connecting flight they can re-book everything for you. The downside is that you can’t lookup your flight number online. You need to copy it from you confirmation. I will give flight stats a try.

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