Jack Vinson’s plans to blog with his knowledge management class

I had lunch yesterday with Jack Vinson. Jack is teaching about knowledge management again this Spring and is planning on having his students keep blogs as part of the class experience. Back in 2002, I tired a similar experiment at Kellogg and blogged about the results then. I figured I would share the pointers here, in case anyone else wants to take a peek

Blogs in the classroom

Blogging in the classroom, Part 2. Forced blogging = flogging?

Blogging in the classroom, Part 3. Developing an initial view on klogging

Blogging in the classroom, Part 4. Plugging into the conversations

Certainly, the technology environment has gotten richer and easier to work with. My recommendation to Jack was to keep everything browser based, especially given that many of his students work full time and have computers locked down by  their IT departments.

I am also inclined to start with reading blogs and following blog conversations via Bloglines or Google Reader pre-loaded with an initial set of feeds. Requests to comment on items and publish reactions will flow from that more naturally than from straight on assignments to post. I am looking forward to Jack’s efforts.