FASTforward conference and conference blog

Got an email from Hylton Joliffe at Corante last week about the FASTforward conference and the opportunity to contribute to the FASTforward blog in advance of the conference. The topics are squarely within my interests and I’ve had some good experiences with FAST through my ongoing interactions with the folks at Traction Software, so it didn’t take too much arm-twisting from Hylton. I expect I will cross-post between here and there, but I would recommend checking out the FASTforward blog to see what the other contributors have to say.

We’re live!

As a handful of you know, this blog has been gearing up over the past week or two as we prep for its launch. Well, as of yesterday we’re live and looking forward to what should be a compelling and wide-ranging discussion of Enterprise 2.0 applications and issues over the next eight weeks.

(A little context: this blog, which is sponsored by FAST Search & Transfer, was conceived and developed as a companion blog to FASTforward 07, which will take place in San Diego from February 7-9. The conference, like this blog, aims to explore how a new generation of enterprise applications and capabilities are enabling companies to better capture, harness, analyze, and search data, foster communication and collaboration, and connect individuals and ideas within companies. More info on the event, at which Ray Lane, John Battelle, Tim O’Reilly and others will be speaking, can be found here.)