Blog Tag Game – 5 things people may not know about me

Just got tagged by Dina in this latest blog game. Seems only just, as we met courtesy of blogging even though we live half a world away from one another. We did manage to have dinner in Cambridge two years ago when our travel schedules meshed.

5 things most people may not know about me? Here goes:

  1. I am in the Guinness Book of World Records as part of the world’s longest kickline. On November 16, 1991, in celebration of the Princeton Triangle Club’s 100th anniversary, 535 Triangle alumni formed the world’s longest kickline. The kickline beat the previous record of 516, which had been set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Minnesota Vikings. The record kickline, which included alumni (the oldest being Whitney Landon ’17) and undergraduate members of the club, took place before the Princeton-Yale football game. Triangulites kicked for nearly a minute to “You May Be In the Hasty Pudding” (from Triangle’s 1934 show, Stags at Bay), played by the Princeton University Band, which was incidentally founded by Triangle members Joseph Hewitt ’07 and Arthur Osborn ’07. I was one of the 535 alumni kicking away.
  2. One of the first things I did during my MBA career was to write a version of Turkey Bingo for my section. The program was a simple BASIC program written on the school’s DEC-10 machine to generate a Bingo card with names of members of the section distributed randomly on each Bingo card. You filled in a cell if that particular person made a comment during class. If you got a Bingo, you had to get yourself called on and use the “phrase of the day” in your comment in order to win. Not all of the faculty considered this a good use of my time 🙂
  3. I started snowboarding at age 45, although I am on hiatus this season at the orders of my orthopedic surgeon.
  4. I was held up at gunpoint in my New York apartment the day before my 30th birthday in 1983
  5. I’m a huge fan of the theater and have been involved in amateur and community theater productions for nearly 40 years. I have been an usher, stage carpenter, stage electrician, pin rail grip, follow spot operator, stage hand, props manager, production stage manager, set designer, lighting designer, tour manager, director, and producer. But, most importantly, I met my wife, Charlotte, doing community theater in New York City as part of the Blue Hill Troupe.

I think I will tag:

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  1. Dude…. You were in the Guinness Book of World Records… That. is. AWESOME! Although, I’m not going to lie – I’m not completely sure what a “kickline” is?

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