Foxit Reader 2.0 (Windows)

I sometimes think I spend half my working day reading PDF files of one sort or another. Foxit Reader has lowered my blood pressure substantially by eliminating the lag waiting for Adobe Reader to load. I still use Adobe Acrobat when I need to create something complex, but otherwise I’ve set my defaults to use Foxit Reader to open PDF files. And it’s free! Thanks to Lifehacker for the pointer.

Download of the Day: Foxit Reader 2.0 (Windows)

foxit 1.png

Windows only: PDF reader and Lifehacker favorite Foxit Reader has just released a new 2.0 version.

For those of you who don’t know what Foxit Reader is, prepare to have your PDF world rocked. You don’t need Adobe Reader to load up for 5 minutes, freezing your computer 4 times in the process, just to view a PDF. In fact, Foxit loads up practically instantly, and has never frozen my computer for any amount of time. The new version offers an interactive form filler, support for add-ons, Javascript support, improved printing, and more. Unless you’re doing some serious creating/editing of PDFs, Foxit is likely the only PDF reader you’ll ever need, so go download it – you’ll be so glad you did.

One thought on “Foxit Reader 2.0 (Windows)”

  1. Thank you for the music…

    I mean the FOXIT READER 2.0. It’s the first time I hear from it. I have used the Acrobat Reader up to know.

    Maybe I will try the FOXIT READER!?

    Time is money, isn’t it?

    Best wishes from Hamburg in Germany…

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