Hans Rosling talk on world economic development myths and realities

The 20 minutes I spent watching this presentation from the TED conference last February is among the most useful 20 minues I have invested in the last months. Rosling is an extraordinary presenter and he conveys key insights about how the world economy and public health have been trending over the last 40 years. You should also check out gapminder.org, which Rosling created to develop and distribute software for visualizing data about human development.

Beyond the substance of the talk there is also much to learn about how to extract and communicate insights from rich, complex data. One of my old consulting friends used to talk about torturing the data until it confessed; Rosling seduces it into revealing all.

Hans Rosling talk at TED

Hans Rosling at TEDHans Rosling, professor of public health, speaker extraordinaire, software entrepreneur and one of the best illustrators of fact-based research and policy discussions I have ever seen, is now available in English from the TED conference.

See it. This is required viewing for anyone wanting to understand how the world evolves and what we need to do to make it evolve in a direction beneficial for all. Rosling is one of the best speakers I have ever seen, on any subject, and this subject is critically important.

[from Espen Andersen at Applied Abstractions]


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