Socialtext – Enterprise wiki/blogging tools go open source

Socialtext is another enterprise level vendor of wikis/blogging tools that belongs on the same short list as Traction Software. Both have been serving the market for several years. Socialtext started from the wiki end of the spectrum. They have just made the strategic decision to open source their toolset.

Socialtext Open

Socialtext Open

I’m pleased to announce Socialtext Open, an Open Source distribution of our flagship wiki product. Available for immediate download on SourceForge, this is the first Commercial Open Source wiki and weblog offering on the market. It’s been a long time coming, this change in our business model, a way to strike a balance between freedom and profit motive.

Socialtext Open changes everything. Including the way we are going to communicate, with nothing to hide and sharing our Public Roadmap. While Open is still in Beta and we don’t know the full impact this release will have, my hope is it fulfills our goal of wikis everwhere and cultivates a broader developer community.

So, go get the code, and tell us what you think.