Corante Web Hub launches

I've got a spiffy new logo over in the right sidebar (and yes, I know
that I need a major visual makeover – real soon now). I'm very
impressed with what Corante is trying to accomplish and extremely
flattered to have been asked to participate. At the very least, it will
serve as another gentle reminder for me to make more time for writing
about this tremendous transformation of work and technology we're all
living through.

Welcome to the Corante Web Hub

Welcome to the Corante Web Hub. From the world's first blog media
company comes a new effort to gather some of today's leading voices to
articulate the exciting unfoldings of the Web.

To get started, I'd encourage you to view the complete list of the contributors.
After you have familiarized yourself with these folks, you can check
out some of their latest posts under the “More from The Corante
Network” section. These posts come straight from the contributors'
blogs, meaning that you receive unedited straight talk, perspectives,
and insights.

If you like what you see, consider subscribing to the Corante Web Hub Network Feed,
which is an aggregated feed for all contributors. For non-RSS users,
you can subscribe via email under the “Subscribe via email” section in
the right-hand sidebar.

As your editor, my work will always appear in the top section of the
page. I'll attempt to synthesize what's occurring both inside and
outside of the hub, highlighting the day's talking points and tying
together pervasive themes and important ideas.

Of course, we are just getting started and are very interested in your feedback. As we move forward, be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you like or where we could improve.

Here's to a bright future!

Ken Yarmosh
Corante Web Hub Editor