Learning technologies overview from down under

Another excellent resource courtesy of Stephen Downes on technologies in learning.

Emerging Technologies: A Framework For Thinking , Education.au.
This sweeping and forward-looking report commissioned by the Australian
Capital Territory Department of Education (ACT DET) to look at the
impact and potential of emerging technologies in learning is a
must-read for decision-makers in the field; it also serves as an
excellent introduction to emerging technology in learning for anyone
interested in the field. While the authors nod toward traditional
learning technology, such as learning management systems, they also
capture well the larger trends impacting the field: mobility,
interoperability, collaboration and communication, creativity, and open
source. They also note that many of the technologies that will be used
to support learning “are currently banned, or otherwise highly
restricted, by schools,” an indication of the cultural and management
challeges posed in the emerging environment. While on the one hand
conservative (look at the layers of intermediary between students and
internet postulated by Figure 2 (section 6.1) the authors nonetheless
capture the practical value of blogs, wikis, podcasting and vodcasting
(to name only a few). Don't miss this one. PDF. [] [] [OLDaily]