Blogging Masters Thesis

The focus is on putting blogging in perspective with more traditional
forms of media and advertising communications. That's not the only use
of blogging, although it is one that is attracting much attention
lately. Nonetheless, this is a worthwhile resource and take on one
aspect of blogging today.

This is a very cool, very in-depth study of blogs by a guy who wrote his thesis on the subject. His thesis was on:

looked at how Blogs have impacted business and communication, how some
Blogs create revenue, how some companies are using Blogs, how Blogs
greatly boost the spread of information, how Blogs add richness to the
media landscape, how Blogs work in the Long Tail, how some companies
are tracking the Blogosphere and what the future of Blogging may be.

174 different bloggers participated in the survey(including myself). Here are some random stats from the blog thesis:

  • 85% allow comments on their blogs
  • 33% use Google Adsense
  • 22% use BlogAds
  • 45% generate no revenue
  • 40% generated under $5,000 per year
  • 4% generated over $100,000 per year

this paper has tons and tons of information, standing at 145 pages
long. If you’re looking for an in-depth look at blogging, check it out.